Ocean View neighbors frustrated with break-ins

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Growing frustration with home and car break-ins led 10 On Your Side to a Norfolk neighborhood in Ocean View on Wednesday.

Kristen Rowland told WAVY.com vandals have broken into her car five times since November. That’s the month they also broke into her home.

“They totaled the inside of the house. Turned everything upside down,” she said

Police confirmed seven car break-ins within a one mile area since the beginning of this month: Two in Merrimack Park, two in Pamlico and three in Lenox.

10 On Your Side learned that police may not be getting the full extent of the problem because Rowland said, “We’re not reporting anymore because at the end of the day, what can police really do about it?”

Rowland’s frustration traces back to that initial home break-in.

“We never heard any follow-up at all and they were here for hours printing stuff,” she said. “We never heard anything again and that’s the same story up and down the road.”

10 On Your Side reached out to police to find out why. A spokesperson said if detectives don’t have any leads, they typically don’t contact victims. However, police said victims can follow up — just give the case number on the police report and find out who is working your case.

Police also continue to emphasize they need people to report every single crime so they can determine where problem areas are.

Since WAVY’s interview with Rowland, she said police called her mom about the latest attempted car theft. Police assured her they are putting more active units on the block at night.