Senator Tim Kaine to screen “Tidewater” documentary

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WAVY) – Senator Tim Kaine is hosting a screening of the documentary “Tidewater” Monday night in Washington, D.C..

Flooding is an issue everyone in Hampton Roads is familiar with. That’s the focus of Roger Sorkin’s film “Tidewater.” On Monday night, Senator Tim Kaine will host a screening of Tidewater and share challenges Hampton Roads residents face with all the extra water.

“We in Virginia live in a place where sea level rise is real and most parts of the country are seeing at least extreme weather and in some instances, sea rise like we are seeing,” says Senator Kaine.

Senator Kaine is expected to speak about sea level rise, national security, and community resilience. Specifically, he’ll focus on increasing flood insurance premiums, as well as the importance of studying sea-level rise.

In a round table at Old Dominion University last month, experts said researching and developing ways to better cope with flooding is key to the Hampton Roads economy.

“Many of our jobs are either directly or indirectly by our waterways. So what’s really important is to make sure as flooding increases, we continue to develop ways to better live with that water and thrive with that water,” says Emily Steinhilber, a researcher with the Commonwealth Center for Current Flooding Resiliency.

Senator Kaine is also expected to touch on how rising sea levels and flooding could affect operations at Naval Station Norfolk. After the screening, there will be a group discussion with the director and producer of the film, as well as with military officials.