Buxton Beach nourishment project set to begin Saturday

BUXTON, N.C. (WAVY) — The Buxton Beach nourishment project is set to begin Saturday.

Dare County officials say representatives from Weeks Marine reported at a pre-construction meeting on Wednesday that resources are in place for the start of the project. An 8,000 foot subline (30-inch steel pipe) was submerged toward the borrow area on Sunday, June 11.

A dredge was towed toward Buxton on Tuesday and is now positioned offshore of the project area.

The starting point for the project, where the subline connects with onshore pipes, is about 1,000 feet north of the northern boundary for the village of Buxton. Once crews begin pumping sand, they will start building a pad around the landing point of the subline. Once that is completed, construction will start to the north until reaching the temporary resource protection area, which was established by the National Park Service to protect nesting birds. At that point, crews will move back to where the project initially started and proceed south.

When the resource protection area is no longer in place, work will resume to the north. After work is completed to the northern project boundary, work will resume to the south until the project is finished.

Once the project begins, officials expect it to be completed within about 90 days.