Vandals spray paint property in Virginia Beach neighborhood

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Police are investigating after spray paint was splashed across properties in a Virginia Beach neighborhood earlier this week.

The vandalism was reported Tuesday morning in the area of Albright Drive.

Gabriela Mattoso awoke to discover a vulgar word painted on her rental car.

“It was ridiculous,” she said. “It’s really upsetting.”

Mattoso said her mother’s boyfriend and many of her neighbors also fell victim.

“It was almost every other house.”

“I guess they’re bold,” said Adam Hanrahan.

Hanrahan’s vehicle was damaged on Pennywhistle Arch. He couldn’t tell what the vandals wrote.

A couple of photographs sent to 10 On Your Side picture legible expletives, others display illegible scribble.

A garage on Albright was also damaged, with “R.I.P. Nate” written on a door.

“It’s very strange because our neighborhood is quiet,” Mattoso said. “Hopefully they catch them and they get what they deserve because we’re just innocent people just getting up to go to work in the morning.”

Mattoso said she had to stay home from work until the vulgar word was removed from her vehicle. She said a kind neighbor, who works as a contractor, removed the graffiti from multiple properties for free.

10 On Your Side contacted that man, Nicholas Olenik, who stated he didn’t want on-camera recognition, and was simply trying to be neighborly.

“I thought it was lovely,” Mattoso said. “We got very lucky.”

10 On Your Side is working to learn if police have made any arrests or have any suspect information.