N.C. Congressman Walter B. Jones wants debate on Afghanistan War

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The discussion over the war in Afghanistan renewed after a North Carolina soldier, along with two others, were killed over the weekend in the Nangarhar Province.

Congressman Walter B. Jones of North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District is spearheading a bill to bring the debate back to the House floor. It is a move he says is long overdue.

“Here we are, sworn by the Constitution to have the responsibility of debating to send our young men and women to die in war, and we don’t do it,” said Jones during a conversation about the bill. “We have not had a debate on Afghanistan since 2001. It’s 16 years later. We’ve spent almost a trillion dollars. Two-thousand Americans have been killed, 20,000 wounded.”

Jones sponsored Bill 1666, which works to bring the discussion to the floor. The support crosses party lines with both Democrats and Republicans co-sponsoring the bill. All agree resources are being wasted and lives are being lost without any real progress.

“I don’t think we have anything to show for it but wounded soldiers and Marines and dead soldiers and Marines,” said Jones. “We have no end to it.”

At the end of April, Jones asked on record to move the bill forward but that’s the latest action recorded on the measure.

Bill 1666 starts with an address from a military leader meant to illustrate the hopelessness of the situation in Afghanistan. Jones says it’s something he thinks decision makers should hear.

“‘Simply put, the United States can not solve the Afghan problems, no matter how brave and determined our troops are’,” reads Jones.

Nearly 2,400 United States troops have been killed in the region to date during the War in Afghanistan. Of those men and women, 83 are from North Carolina.