What’s next for Buckroe Beach?

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — The City of Hampton has plans to shine up the crown jewel of the area: Buckroe Beach.

This month, city officials announced they wanted to see developers’ plans for the community. The hope is to revitalize the area.

There are many reasons Tony Patterson calls Buckroe Beach home.

“It’s really nice to go out on that pier right there. You can go out there and go fishing,” he said. “It’s really nice around sunset when it cools off.”

“This is prime real estate. Who wouldn’t wanna spend time here?” Hampton City spokeswoman Robin McCormick

McCormick said in recent years, the beach has done well. These days, a few blocks away from beach, you also see shuttered shops.

“The residents here are eager for more retail and more amenities,” Patterson said. “The challenge now is there aren’t enough people to support that.”

McCormick said Hampton wants to change that. In the last few years, the city acquired 12 acres of that prime land. Most of that land comes from where the Sans Souci Motel used to stand.

The city has offered for developers to bid on all 12 acres and to present the city with a future plan for the old Bayfront community.

“There’s definitely housing in the mix,” McCormick said. “But some of the other potential things would be tourism and beach-related retail or restaurants.”

It’s an open-ended invitation to developers to bring back Buckroe Beach to the days when it was a Hampton Roads destination.