Four-year-old boy credited with helping save his aunt’s life

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A four-year-old Virginia Beach boy is credited with saving a life.

Grayson Buchanan isn’t just adorable, he’s smart — and his aunt couldn’t be any more grateful for his quick thinking. Grayson’s great-aunt Tammy was having  a seizure and needed immediate medical attention Grayson picked up his aunt’s cell phone, found a picture of her neighbor Laura, clicked on it and called. That neighbor then called 911.

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First responders with the Virginia Beach Fire Department got there quickly, thanks to Grayson’s quick actions.

Grayson’s mother, Jessica, gets emotional when she thinks about her son and his actions.

“He actually saved my aunt. I get emotional because Grayson was actually diagnosed with a developmental delay when he was younger.”

Captain Wayne Black arrived at the scene after Grayson’s call to the neighbor.

“The important thing is that a four-year-old initiated that call. No one else but a four-year-old,” said Capt. Black. “Kids pick up things their parents tell them. I think things could have turned out differently had he not made the call.”

Because of that good deed, Grayson got an appreciation award for saving a life. And Grayson’s aunt is doing well.

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