Suspects in I-264 road rage incident appear in court

Jennifer and David Costa appear in court for a preliminary hearing on June 8, 2017.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Two people facing charges in a road rage incident on Interstate 264 appeared in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing.

Police arrested 30-year-old Jennifer Marie Costa and 42-year-old David Arthur Costa in April after a driver was stabbed and hit by a car on I-264, near the off ramp to First Colonial Road.

Jennifer Costa told 10 On Your Side her husband tailed the car, then signaled the driver to pull over to get an explanation.

David Arthur Costa, Jennifer Marie Costa (Photo: Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office)

“My husband just wanted to know why he did what he did,” she said from jail in April. “That’s where it escalated.”

Police say they got in argument. David Costa was accused in the stabbing, and police say Jennifer hit the victim with her vehicle.

“The man got out of the vehicle, pulled a machete from his driver’s side door and came at me,” Jennifer Costa said. “My husband told me, ‘Go, go, he’s got a knife.'”

In court Thursday, the victim claimed the couple’s car swerved into his lane on I-264 westbound. At the First Colonial exit, he pulled over and so did the Costas.

The victim said David Costa pulled open his door and stabbed him. The victim admitted he also drew a knife after Costa got away from the car. Then the victim said as he got out to confront David Costa, Jennifer Costa hit him with the couple’s car — twice.

In this hearing, the Costas did not get to testify. Their attorneys asked for the charges to be dropped. A judge ruled against them and sent the charges forward to a grand jury.