Neighbors near Naval Station Norfolk fed up with traffic issues

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Residents in a Norfolk community are upset after they say drivers are cutting through their neighborhood and backing up traffic.

“The afternoon is more dangerous. The morning is more inconsiderate,” said Phillip Avenue resident Autumn Luthardt.

Luthardt and neighbor Alison Thompson say they’ve grown familiar with traffic living next to Naval Station Norfolk, but lately, it has gotten out of control.

“If they weren’t so loud coming through with their music and their motorcycles revving up because they’re waiting in traffic, it wouldn’t be so bad,” said Thompson.

Thompson says the backups and noise start around 5:00 a.m. and don’t stop until around 7:30 a.m. Then, they start back up for afternoon rush hour.

Thompson and Luthardt say the afternoons are dangerous because people tend to speed when children are getting home from school.

“We almost need speed bumps of something,” Luthardt said.

Thompson says drivers also tend to block driveways.

“My problem is my husband can’t get to work in the morning because that’s the way he goes,” she said.

Thompson says the problem stems from people making an illegal left hand turn onto Duvall Street from Rippard.

Norfolk police say they’ve issued at least 78 fail to obey highway traffic summons for the Duvall, Rippard and Orange Avenue locations within the last year.

Luthardt and Thompson both hope that something can be done — maybe putting up cameras — or that drivers can be more considerate.

“I would appreciate a little bit of respect from the military to follow the rules in the neighborhood,” she said.

10 On Your Side reached out to Naval Station Norfolk and the City of Norfolk about the traffic issue.

The city says it is aware of the issue and working closely with the Navy to try and find a resolution.