Search warrants reveal contact between missing Norfolk mother, Chesapeake man

Reshaunda Gerald (Photo: Norfolk police)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Recently unsealed search warrants from the Norfolk Police Department show a missing mother had contact with a Chesapeake man leading up to her January disappearance.

Reshaunda Gerald has been missing since the morning of Jan. 4.

Gerald’s family called her disappearance in January “extremely” out of character, telling police that she is a “Facebook junkie” who is always posting. Police reported in the warrant, which was filed Feb. 21, that Gerald has not posted on Facebook since 8:12 a.m. on Jan. 4, all calls to her cellphone go straight to voicemail and she has not responded to text messages.

The 32-year-old’s three children — who are 15, 10 and eight years of age — are being cared for by relatives.

According to the search warrant, Gerald’s mother reported that she had last seen her daughter getting into a black Nissan with a man.

The warrants states the two had exchanged several phone calls leading up to the day Gerald was reported missing. It also chronicles some discrepancies between what police found in their investigation and the man’s accounts of what happened.

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Police say the man was interviewed on Jan. 11, and said he had picked Gerald that morning and took her to the water department to pay her bill. He claimed he drove through the Downtown Tunnel to a Portsmouth car wash afterwards, where she and Gerald had sexual intercourse. He then dropped her off in Norfolk, near the intersection of Olney Road and Lincoln Street.

According to the warrant, the man told police he was driving his wife’s Nissan at the time. He reportedly said in the interview he had tried to text Gerald after this, but that she didn’t respond.

Police say he was asked if he and Gerald had ever taken drugs together, but he stated they had not. Cell phone records reportedly showed the man texted Gerald Dec. 29, 2016, saying he had “200 worth of Cain” the two of them could do.

A search of the man’s phone records found the two had exchanged 45 calls between Dec. 20, 2016 and Jan. 3, 2017, the warrant shows.

Cellular records from both the man and Gerald show the two were not at the Portsmouth car wash, and that Gerald was not dropped off at the intersection of Olney and Lincoln, the warrant states. Gerald’s records showed her phone pinging off a cell tower near the man’s home in the Camelot area of Chesapeake for more than 12 hours.

The man was again interviewed by Norfolk police on Feb. 9, according to the warrant, and could not explain the discrepancies between his account and the phone records.

The police report in the warrant also notes discrepancies in the man’s claim that he drove through the tunnel to Portsmouth. After contacting Elizabeth River Tunnels, police say the last time the Nissan went through either the Downtown or Midtown Tunnel was August of 2016.

It was also determined, according to the warrant, that the car never crossed the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge.

The man indicated in his first interview with police that he had spent that night in question with his wife at a Fairfield Inn in Greenbriar, the warrant shows. Gerald’s records indicated that her phone hitting off a cell tower across the inn that night.

The warrant states that in a Feb. 11 search of the Nissan, investigators found a hatchet wrapped in a plastic bag and trunk mat reacted to a chemical called Bluestar. This chemical reacts with the presence of hemoglobin in human blood.

According to the warrant, the hatchet — which is said to have had an unknown material on the blade head and top of the handle — had a tag from Meiggs Hardware in Chesapeake.

On Feb. 13, the warrant states a photo of the hatchet was shown to the general manager of Meiggs. The store’s tag number was visible in the image. Records showed that a hatchet of that type was sold the day after Gerald was reported missing.