Deputies still working to recover laptops stolen from Smithfield High

ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — In late April, when three people broke into Smithfield High School, security cameras at the school captured the suspects walking the halls late at night.

The suspects broke in though a window and went right to the library, where the electronics were kept. Deputies say they stole 30 iPads and MacBooks worth $30,000.

Officers continue to track down every lead and now, they are seeing the stolen goods pop up around the country.

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Deputies tell 10 On Your Side they have reports from customers in Michigan and Louisiana, who bought laptops only to find out they belonged to Smithfield.

A search warrant filed in mid-May says a New Orleans resident bought a laptop from Newport News company Boo Boo Wireless on eBay. When he turned it on, it read “Property of Smithfield.”

Deputies seized computers and bank records from the business on Jefferson Avenue. Authorities tell 10 On Your Side that they want to find out more about where the business got the laptops.

Boo Boo’s owner, who is not facing any charges, didn’t want to go on camera, but says he is a victim in all of this, too. He told WAVY’s Jason Marks that he bought a bunch of the computers from different people who came into the store. He admits he never got the sellers’ names and he had no idea they were stolen. He went on to say he is out thousands of dollars.

In early May, another stolen laptop popped up. According to a search warrant, a Hampton woman bought a MacBook from the OfferUp app. When she turned around, the computer on it read “Smithfield Property.” Deputies are now trying to figure out how the seller had a stolen laptop.

So far, deputies have recovered only three of the stolen MacBooks.