Not-so-slick shoplifting suspect tries to stuff 15 quarts of oil down pants

LAKELAND, Fl. (WAVY) – Police say a Florida man didn’t make a slick get-away when he tried to steal 15 quarts of motor oil from a convenience store.

Officers say the suspect’s pants were stretched to the limit when he came out of a 7-Eleven. What he didn’t know, was that an undercover police detective was in the parking lot and saw the man with his packed pants waddle out the door.

Polk County, FL Police

The detective stopped him and caught him practically with his pants down.  Police say they found 15 bottles of Pennzoil and several DVDs.  Since this is the 38-year-old suspect’s third shoplifting charge, police slapped him with a felony crime.

The whole incident was caught on security cameras. Police also took a picture of the evidence and posted it on social media.