Case continued for mother accused of assaulting Norfolk coach

Pictures of Coach Ken Whitley provided by Whitley's wife via Norfolk Public Schools

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The case against a mother accused in a scuffle that injured a longtime Norfolk coach has been continued until August.

Ken Whitley — an assistant wrestling coach and activity bus driver with Norview High School — claimed Christy Kieschnick and her 17-year-old son attacked him following an argument. Whitley obtained citizen warrants against them, he said.

Kieschnick’s case was scheduled Tuesday for trial, but the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office asked for more time to review evidence.

Norview High School wrestling coach assaulted in Va. Beach

Whitley dropped off the basketball team at Green Run High School for a game in early May, when he admitted he side-swiped a parked car with his bus.

The coach says he exchanged information with the owner, Kieschnick, and thought everything was settled. Soon after, he says the mother and son became increasingly frustrated with him and attacked him.

Whitley says he suffered a broken nose and injuries to his neck, arms and legs as a result of the fight.

Kieschnick denied the series of events, accusing Whitley of choking her son first. She told 10 On Your Side in May that her son defended himself against Whitley. She filed an assault charge against the coach.

“My client got on the bus to confront him after he had choked her son. Both of them were on the phone. 911. She never struck him in the nose and broke his nose. If his nose was broken, it was broken by her son when he defended himself when Whitley grabbed him by the neck,” said Kieschnick’s attorney, Sonny Stallings.

Stallings objected to the Commonwealth’s request and involvement in the case.

“I’m very upset the Commonwealth is even involved in this case. These are citizen warrants against citizens, and the Commonwealth never gets involved,” Stallings said Tuesday. “But for some reason, they’ve chosen the side of Mr. Whitley and his version of what happened.”

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office said it frequently receives requests from citizens for assistance, and does get involved in cases that occur on school property.

Stallings says Kieschnick’s son has not been served with the warrant yet.

Kieschnick had no comment leaving court Tuesday morning. Whitley said he could not comment on the case. His attorney, Pete Decker III told WAVY News, “We look forward to having our day in court in August and putting all of this behind us.”

The case is continued until Aug. 8.