Man accused of filming officer in bathroom charged in separate incident

Aloysious Albritton

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach police now have a pair of similar cases of alleged extreme violation of privacy. Police say the incidents happened more than two months apart, but involve the same suspect.

Thirty-seven-year-old Aloysious Albritton faces a list of sex crime charges from an incident at the Williams Farm Community Recreation Center. The common bond between this case, and one at a Wawa in the city back in March: Charges of unlawful filming. That charge is actually a misdemeanor and he was given bond for the March incident. Then an alleged incident at the rec center on Saturday — more serious felonies and no bond.

There were two bizarre incidents.

Man accused of filming officer in bathroom of Va. Beach Wawa

According to court documents, Albritton followed a police officer into the Wawa bathroom on Northampton Boulevard. The officer was apparently wearing a green police vest. The officer states he caught Albritton taking video of the officer as he used the restroom. The officer asked Albritton to see the video, Albritton agreed and the officer states he could see himself and the green police vest on the phone video.  The court documents also state Albritton was dressed as a priest. That event took place March 22, but the warrant for arrest did not come down in that incident until May 5. The officer is very graphic in describing all he can see in the video.

Fast forward to Saturday at Williams Farm Community Recreation: A 25-year-old man who is developmentally delayed claims Albritton sexually assaulted him with an inanimate object. One of the charges makes it clear an issue here is the victim’s incapacity or physical helplessness. Court documents say Albritton then filmed the victim naked while the victim was saying “no” and Albritton told him to “be quiet.”

Albritton has a bond hearing Wednesday morning, and refused an interview with 10 On Your Side, but his father, who also refused an interview, told a WAVY crew, “I know my son did wrong.” He then drove off.