Norfolk neighborhood shaken by gunfire

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Residents in a Norfolk neighborhood are trying to find out why someone fired shots along their street, damaging cars and homes.

Police were called to the scene around 12:50 a.m. Saturday morning in reference to a gunshot disturbance. They say preliminary information is that a large party in the 1200 block of Covel Street erupted in gunfire. They did not find anyone injured but say three homes and four vehicles were found with bullet holes.

One resident says she was sitting at home with her family watching movies when the shots rang out.

“I started hearing all this pow, pow, pow. I said who’s setting fireworks off. The two boys ran down the hall saying someone is shooting,” says the resident who only wanted to go by Karmen.

Karmen says her husband looked out the window and saw a man shooting a gun while people ran up and down the street. Residents say a party was going on at another home before the shooting starting.

Homes and cars were riddled with multiple bullet holes. Police came out this afternoon to collect bullets that Karmen didn’t know struck her home.

“He (the police officer) said we had 18 bullet holes in the house, all around the front door, in the garage. We have a hole where they found the bullet itself in the mailbox and to think, we were right there behind this door,” she says.

Another resident, who did not want to be identified, said she was at work and got a call about people hanging around her home because of the party.

When she called her fiancé, who was at home at the time with her children, the shooting started. She says she rushed home and later found out it had also been hit.

“I noticed there was a bunch of white stuff on my stuff and the table and I looked up and saw a bullet hole,” she says.

This resident says the situation is nerve racking.

“I’m really upset knowing my kids were right here and a bullet came through,” she says.

Residents say the neighborhood is fairly quiet but they can sometimes here gunshots in the distance. Now, they will be more cautious about letting their children go outside but say they’re not left with many options.

“I’m praying for me and my kids lives. I’m ready to move. I don’t want to be here anymore,” one resident says.

Police encourage anyone with information to contact the Norfolk Crime Line.