USO Warrior Week: Military Village

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — As part of USO Warrior Week, men and women in uniform built the Military Village at Patriot Park.

According to Vice President of USO Jeff Hill, the superstar of it all is the Landing Craft Air Cushion — or LCAC — at 17th Street at the Oceanfront.

“The LCAC takes the equipment and marines from amphibious ships and takes them to shore wherever they’re needed,” said Hill. “We want to show America what assets the military has.”

The LCAC is important to support our military and support for our service members comes in many forms, as demonstrated by those who ventured out to Military Village at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

USO Warrior Week

Several children, including seven-year-old Ethan Costa, attended with a gift in hand in the form of a letter for the soldiers, he says.

“These are for the soldiers because we appreciate them,” said Costa. “And we want to thank them for their service.”

It’s the kind of support that BM3 Brooke Baggatta appreciates.

“Getting cards and knowing they appreciate you makes you want to fight harder and give it your all when you are out there because we have to do this for them,” she said. “That’s what we volunteer to do.”

Baggatta says the love and compassion when she returns home doesn’t go unnoticed. A major support system that is offered to veterans and service members is The Elizabeth Dole Foundation Hidden Heroes Campaign.

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