Veterans group helps Hampton man find new home

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A disabled veteran has a new place to live, after his fellow service members stepped in to help.

The Hampton house Michael Taylor had rented for seven years is being forfeited to the government after the lease is up. He planned to stay a few more years. According to court documents, the house on Old Buckroe Road is an asset of Jayson Mickle, who pleaded guilty to a drug charge last summer.

Hampton family searching for new home following federal drug case

After WAVY News aired Taylor’s story last week, a member of the Disabled American Veterans reached out and suggested Taylor contact DAV Chapter 13 in Yorktown.

“I came down the next morning, and they greeted me like they knew me for years, like family,” Taylor said.

They helped him find a new place to rent and gave him a check for moving expenses. It’s all part of their mission — taking care of one of their own, said chapter Commander Terry Bohlinger.

“So far we’ve been able to first, get him a cup of coffee, second, meet a lot of new friends, third, he’s a member here, but that wasn’t required. Hey, we’ve helped him with some finances that he needed to make this move in a reasonable manner and still support his family… Veterans are a fraternity among themselves, whether it’s guys and gals, it doesn’t matter. You served, honorably, for your nation,” Bohlinger said.

Taylor said he plans to stick around and cook for the group.

“This is my new Commander and like I said…We sometimes do need help because we be down, and here’s a place that will help,” Taylor said. “It’s family. Real family. It’s like when I was in the military. We all stick together. No matter what.”

The check Taylor received came from the VFW and DAV, out of the sales from their thrift store, Bohlinger said.

Taylor is still working on getting help for a few remaining expenses and help with the move, he said.