Accomack County man sentenced to life for sexually abusing his niece

Khalil Muslimani (Aaron Kurtz/WAVY Photo)

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — An Accomack County man was sentenced Thursday to two life terms for sexually abusing his niece over 15 years ago.

Kahlil Muslimani was convicted of two counts of carnal knowledge of a minor and two counts of forcible sodomy. In November 2015, a jury recommended he be sentenced to two life sentences and 20 years.

Muslimani had his trial postponed multiple times before. It took until Thursday to formally sentence him.

‘Helter-skelter’ court appearance delays Accomack County rape trial

In court Thursday, Muslimani handed the judge 18 pages of motions — some asking to dismiss the case, others asking for a mistrial and another asking for the judge to recuse himself. 10 On Your Side’s Matt Gregory reports Muslimani rambled at times, and brought up evidence from other cases. At one point, he told the judge, “You are all in cahoots!”

The judge took over two hours to listen to each motion. Ultimately, he dismissed all of the motions and then formally sentenced Muslimani to two life sentences, plus 20 years.

After court, WAVY’s Matt Gregory asked Muslimani, “Do you have anything to say to the victim?”

He responded: “I would like to say I love her as my niece. I had another niece which I am still in contact with [even] now. I want to help if they ask me to help.”