Plans for inflatable water park underway in Hampton

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — The City of Hampton is looking to attract tourists to its beaches this summer. There are plans for an inflatable water park at Buckroe Beach.

(Photo: City of Hampton)

Alison Alexander, the city’s place making planner, says they’ve been looking into buying one for the city for a while. It’s part of the Place Making Initiative, which is aimed at making things in Hampton unique to the city to increase tourism.

“We are excited to get more people out. We’re excited in Buckroe. We think there’s a lot to offer there,” Alexander said. “We’re trying to add more amenities for people who go to the beach.”

Alexander says it will costs around $175,000 to buy the equipment needed from Wibit, the company which makes the inflatables.

The park will go in the water north of the fishing pier and can fit up to 140 people.

Alexander says the city will charge guests $5. She says that money will go towards other city projects. They’re hoping to make around $300,000 during the inflatables’ four-year life span.

Buckroe Beach visitors will also be able to rent water sports like kayaks, boats and jet skis.

Alexander says everything should be ready to go before the middle of summer.

“We have to get some permits to anchor it to the bottom and figure out some of the other details with staffing and properly maintaining everything, and training staffing. We’re shooting for July 4,” she said.