Germans building 4 mile long beer pipeline

Germany (NBC) — We’ve heard of oil pipelines… but beer pipelines?

Some metal music fans preparing for the “Wacken Open Air Festival,” which happens to be the largest metal music festival in the world, are giving us an insiders look at just exactly what a beer pipeline looks like, how it’s made and how it works.

To beef up efficiency at the festival this year which takes place in Germany, festival organizers are installing an underground, 4.3 mile long pipeline to deliver approximately 400,000 liters of beer.

Why is this necessary? Well, after crunching the numbers, it’s estimated that the 75,000 fans who attend consume about 5.1 liters of beer per person over the the three day concert series.

The underground pipeline will not only keep beer cold, it will solve the problem of delivery trucks ruining the grass with their tire tracks from all the constant trips needed to keep beer glasses full.

This all sounds nice but will the pipeline be able to keep up with the demand from 75,000 thirsty mouths? You can do the math… the new beer pipeline will have enough pressure to pour six beers in six seconds.