Company installs nets to catch debris at dredging project in Va. Beach

10 On Your Side received reports of trash floating near the project

UPDATE: Docks of the Bay, contractor for a dredging project in the Baycliff community, says it installed straining nets to catch the debris like cans and bottles. The company tells 10 On Your Side they worked to install the nets as soon as they knew about the problem.

This follow reports of trashing floating in a creek near the community, around the time the project began.


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Is a neighborhood dredging project splashing up trash in a Virginia Beach creek? 10 On Your Side got reports of trash floating in the creek near Baycliff community around the same time a dredging project began.

“Here and one over there, and all up in the branches,” John Perrel said, pointing at floating cans in the water. “They are kinda dispersed a little.”

They are old cans of soda mixed with old beer cans from decades ago.

“I thought a trash can or something like that might have flipped over,” he said.

Perrel said he hasn’t always seen cans floating down the creek near the Baycliff community.

“Pretty much, [Tuesday] afternoon we noticed a river of bottles and cans floating down the creek here,” he said. “We just hopped in the canoe and started scooping cans right here and started following them that way, up until we got to the end down there.”

The line of trash in the water led him to the dredging site at the end of the Baycliff community creek.

“It’s stuff that I guess was thrown in the water down there years ago and as they scoop, air bubbles get in it and it floats to the surface and comes down the creek,” Perrel said.

10 On Your Side called the City of Virginia Beach, which has a program to dig out creeks near neighborhoods so boats can use them. A spokesperson for the city said this neighborhood, though, chose not to participate in the city’s dredging program. Instead the Baycliff community chose to form a Community Dredging LLC and privately fund and manage their dredging. Since this is a private project, the city says it’s up to the neighborhood group and their contractor to deal with old floating cans.

WAVY News reached out to the contractor for the job. According to city records it is a company out of Irvington, Virginia, named Docks of the Bay. The company said tells 10 On Your Side they understand the problem and they are putting up a barrier to collect trash.

Perrel and his family will keep taking out the trash near Baycliff and hope others come along.

“I just wanna see that we can maybe get the neighbors together and help and get this cleaned up together,” he said.