Four Chesapeake high school seniors appointed to the Naval Academy

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A local high school has accomplished a rare feat. Four seniors at Grassfield High School have been appointed to the Naval Academy.

“I was the last person to find out. For awhile, I heard three had gotten in. I thought, ‘Alright, my chances are gone of going there,’” said senior Trey Ogden.

Ogden, Cameron Jackson, Stephen Burrell and Justin Newell were honored Wednesday at the school’s ceremony for senior scholars.

“It’s huge to have four students going to the Naval Academy from one high school,” said principal Mike Perez.

The Naval Academy’s acceptance rate is around eight percent.

Grassfield is also one of three schools across the country to have at least four students appointed for the academy’s 2012 class.

“I could not be more proud,” said Perez.

The four young men are all friends and are excited to be heading off together. They say they were interested in attending for years, but knew the Naval Academy was for them after attending a summer seminar session.

“Just going and feeling the camaraderie that was there and with that group of guys. By the time we were done, you’re sort of like brothers,” said Newell.

Newell says he comes from a military family. Others had different reasons for going.

“I’ve always wanted to serve my country. I feel like getting an education and being able to serve is pretty cool,” Burrell said.

The group says they’ll head up to Annapolis only 13 days after graduation for a tough introduction.

“I’m just worried about plebe summer. I want to get past that!” said Jackson.

Regardless, they’re excited of what lies ahead and they’re thankful that Grassfield teachers and administrators helped prepare them.

“They work so hard for us. I’ve never had a problem. They’ll come in the morning to help us review and stay after to make up test. They’re always willing to help out. It speaks highly of teachers and administration,” Newell said.