Woman arrested in bomb scare says object was an alarm clock

WRIC 8News

SHORT PUMP, Va. (WRIC/AP) — The woman accused of making a fake bomb threat at a grocery store was arraigned Monday morning.

Daphne Page was arrested on Friday after someone spotted what they thought looked like a bomb in her backseat.

It happened at the Whole Foods on West Broad Street in Glen Allen.

Police received reports of the suspicious device shortly after 5 p.m. Friday. Authorities used a robot to remove the object from the vehicle.

Fire officials, a bomb squad unit and hazardous materials team all participated in the investigation.

Her mother Page Edgerton tells 8News it was an alarm clock that her daughter purchased from a garage sale for $1.

Page, who has no prior criminal record, is charged with the manufacture, possession or use of explosives which includes hoax devices.

She was granted a $2,500 personal recognizance bond today during her initial hearing, meaning she will have to pay that amount if she doesn’t show up for her next appearance.

“I’m just very upset about the whole thing,” Edgerton said. “I’ve had terrific insomnia for two nights. It’s just ridiculous and it turns out that the judge doesn’t have the power to just dismiss the case today.”

Page’s mother says the clock looked like six toilet tissue rolls banded together with a digital device in the middle.

The judge is allowing Page to attend her daughter’s graduation in Vermont next month.

She’s due back in court August 24.