Norfolk man accused in murder-for-hire case caught in Philippines

Yoshikoson Umeko Haddon (Photo Credit: Hampton Police Division)

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A man accused in a murder-for-hire case in Hampton last year was tracked down in the Philippines and is now back in the U.S.

The Hampton Police Division says a man contacted the department on August 25 and said he was solicited to kill someone.

During the investigation, detectives learned the suspect, 28-year-old Yoshikoson Haddon, fled the country. According to search warrants filed in the case, Haddon is accused of paying an employee $5,000 to kill a woman. The search warrants say “Bank record returned statements showing the transaction in the amount of 5000.00 dollars.”

Hampton Police got a warrant for Haddon’s arrest and with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the U.S. Marshals Service, Haddon was located and =extradited back to the United States in February.

Haddon is a 2011 Naval Academy graduate, a former Naval officer who served on the USS Wasp and is now a local businessman.

His family tells 10 On Your Side, police have it all wrong.

“He opened a business, he employed people. He helps people here around Norfolk. Not only that, he goes home to our home country in the Philippines and he helps all the homeless. he hands out rice, he hands out food,” said Haddon’s sister, Akimisan Haddon.

Haddon’s father insists the employee was disgruntled, and set his son up.

“The very people he was trying to assist stabbed him in the back,” Richard Haddon told 10 On Your SIde.

They say the so-called hired hit-man was an employee at Haddon’s east Ocean View cell phone and television repair shop called Yoshi’s Tronics. The family insists Haddon gave the employee $5,000 as a loan. Richard Haddon says his son had a history of hiring people with troubled pasts.

“He hired them in his business and tried to set them on the straight and narrow,” said Haddon’s father.

His family also insists he did not flee to the Philippines as Hampton police indicated in their press release, but instead that he had a planned trip there where he has a family business.

While his family maintains his innocence, search warrants indicate at least some cell phone evidence against Yoshikoson Haddon. The detective writes in her narrative “The investigation revealed phone text messages on August 10,2016 between suspect and [redacted] soliciting [redacted] to commit a murder for hire.” (10 On Your Side is redacting the name of the alleged hit-man as at the time of this report he has not been charged with a crime.)

Haddon’s family has an answer for that too.

“I find a lot of inconsistencies with the prosecutors case. There’s a lot of missing pieces. a lot of text messages missing,” his sister said.

Haddon is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing in June. He is currently in jail without bond, but his attorney is appealing that decision.