Sailor surprises son at Virginia Beach elementary school

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A Navy father returned home from a one-year deployment and surprised his son at school.

BU2 Compton Blackwood is a Navy Seabee from NCHB-10 in Yorktown. He’s been deployed for a year in the Middle East. He returned home and decided to surprise his son, Chay Blackwood, at Windsor Woods Elementary in Virginia Beach.

The surprise started during lunch and the principal decided to congratulate the students on their testing day. All of the students were told to close their eyes. That’s when Blackwood surprised his son and a long embrace ensued.

“I thought, ‘Am I dreaming? I haven’t seen him for a year,'” said Chay. “We wear matching bracelets every day, because I’m just carrying him around with me.”

Chay wears a brown shirt, too, much like the one his father wears under his uniform.

“And he still wears the brown shirt. He sleeps with it and he still wears it sometimes,” said Compton. “It’s very special. We have a deep bond.”

“I’m so happy that I can actually see him again and I can actually hug him after he was deployed for so long,” said Chay. “It’s big, because especially when you are on the news and plus, your dad is sitting here.”

The two look forward to relaxing and playing basketball together.