Proposal calls for moving Va. Beach City Hall to Town Center

Virginia Beach Town Center. August 31, 2016 (Chopper 10 Photo)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach City Council members were recently sent a copy of a proposal that could move City Hall to Town Center.

The 94-page proposal put forth by Armada Hoffler Construction would swap their Regal Cinemas property with city-owned property where Priority Infinity is located on Independence Boulevard.

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Councilman Jim Wood tells 10 On Your Side, “I’m not sure it should go one place or the other … but we need to do something with City Hall.”

Wood also says it would require a significant amount of public input.

“I wish the public could see the poor condition of City Hall, but there is no agreement on what we should do.”

Wood tells 10 On Your Side that City Manager Dave Hanson has repeatedly expressed concerns about the structure and health quality of the current City Hall.

“He told us this story about a $300 motor that needed to be replaced to lower a gate outside offices downstairs. It turned out to be a $10,000 job, because in order to replace the motor, we had to go through extensive asbestos abatement,” Wood said.

10 On Your Side has obtained a copy of a letter the city manager sent to Mayor Will Sessoms and council members:

Mayor and Council Members,

At the direction of our liaisons, Vice Mayor Jones and Councilman Wood, I am forwarding you an electronic version of the Armada Hoffler proposal for the design and construction of the Virginia Beach City Hall at The Town Center.  This proposal was briefed to the liaisons, myself and DCM Leahy on Friday and three hard copies delivered at COB Friday.  The electrons were received today and AH has given permission to share them openly with all of Council.  Please know this PDF file is very large at 14MB.

At your 23 May meeting the Public Works Facility Staff will have Mosely Architects present their course of action analysis of the various options to where the city hall replacement building could go. Because we have received the Armada Hoffler proposal in time we will add an option to reflect the land swap and location on the theater site for your consideration as well.

At your 6 June meeting we will place on your agenda an open session briefing of the AH proposal.  This will allow all information regarding the city hall and locations to be in the public domain before we commence our three public engagement information meetings.  We see these meetings occurring in June and July at the following locations:  Municipal Center, Town Center and at the Convention Center.

With the public information briefings completed by the end of July, the Council should be able to engage in discussion in August and at your midyear performance review retreat if desired.

We will provide you a hard copy (color) in your Friday packet.  Please let me know if you have questions.  VR Dave

Dave Hansen
City Manager
City of Virginia Beach

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