NCDOT worker rescues, adopts kitten thrown off OBX bridge

(Photos: NCDOT/Twitter)

OUTER BANKS, N.C. (WAVY) — A kitten that was tossed off a bridge in the Outer Banks was rescued by NCDOT crews on Wednesday.

“He was real scared, definitely in shock when we first pulled him out but he’s doing a lot better now,” said Reece Newman.

Newman, and fellow underwater inspectors Ben Presgrave and Billy Cox had been working beneath the William Umstead Memorial Bridge, commonly referred to as the Old Manns Harbor Bridge.

Around 7 a.m., they heard a vehicle drive overhead and toss the kitten over the rail.

“It sounded like whoever it was didn’t even slow down, just kept going,” Newman said.

The men didn’t immediately realize it was a kitten. They assumed litter or some sort of object had been tossed.

“We weren’t sure what it was,” Presgrave said. “But as we were flipping pages to take notes, we got a better look at it — it was swimming.”

In their boat, the men drove towards the kitten, who was struggling to survive.

“He was barely keeping his head above water,” Newman said. “When he came into the boat, he shook his head, he had a lot of saltwater come out of him.”

The men took the kitten to the vet. Miraculously, he wasn’t hurt.

Newman and his family decided to adopt the kitty. They had already been thinking about getting a second cat to be a companion to their older pet.

“It was kind of meant to be,” he said. “He’s fitting in good… he’s playing a lot, he’s having a blast.”

The family named the kitty “Bridger Catfish Newman.”