WATCH: Good Samaritan saves bald eagle

CANTONMENT, Fla. (WKRG) — Saturday evening an eagle was rescued from the roadway after falling from the sky, landing on top of a vehicle near Pensacola Florida’s Solid Waste Dumpsters on Beulah Road.

8News affiliate WKRG spoke to the woman who caught the incident all on camera as her husband Rotario Rivers successfully cares for and treats the eagle, making sure no harm comes to it.

Alexis Rivers says she and her husband Rotario were driving to the Solid Waste dumpsters to throw away moving items when the car in front of them stopped because something swooped down into the roadways. Little did they know it was an eagle, seriously injured, according to Rivers.

She tells us her husband got out of the car and approached the injured eagle carefully to move it out of the way of oncoming cars.

Once the bird was safe, Rotario got water for the eagle as the woman who was driving in front of them called a wildlife agency for extra care.

No word yet on the degree of injury this bird has suffered, but The Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida says they are treating the eagle’s injuries.