Flood waters continue to plague Pungo

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Flood waters continue to plague the Pungo section of Virginia Beach.

A combination of tidal waters and wind swept water closed streets and poured into backyards. It also shut down the only road into the Sandbridge community. The over flow from Back Bay continued to make life difficult in Pungo.

“Honestly man, it makes it a little miserable sometimes,” local, Michael Baine says.

Baine lives in Sandbridge. He says he had to maneuver shutdown roads in Pungo just to get back home.

“It’s been about a half a foot of water everywhere back there,” Baine says. “I don’t see many cars making it through unless you got a truck.”

Vic and Debbie Supper came in Thursday night to go camping. The only problem is the camp ground sits on Sandbridge Road.

“I literally watched the water come out of the river and up to the camper,” Vic says.

Both say it has been a soaked weekend to say the least.

“The whole campground is flooded,” Debbie Supper says. “There are some people I don’t even think they can get out.”

In Pungo, several restaurants like Blue Pete’s were forced to shut down until waters recede. Back on Sandbridge Road, the city shut the only road to the oceanfront community. Car after car were turned around to go to Sandbridge through the Dam Neck Naval Base.

“It’s ridiculous they really need to do something about this,” Baine says. “It seems like every time we get a bad storm it’s like this.”