Cleanup underway after severe weather hits Ocean Eddie’s in Va. Beach

(Chopper 10/WAVY Photo)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A popular Oceanfront restaurant was damaged in Friday’s storm.

Storm leaves behind damage in Va. Beach, North Carolina

“It was very scary,” said Jeff Hague, owner of Ocean Eddie’s.

Ocean Eddie’s Seafood Restaurant has been at the beach, connected to the fishing pier since 1948. Its seen its share of storms, but Friday caught everyone off guard.

“All the sudden, it just got very dark outside and I kind of felt like the pressure changed,” Hague said.

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Second later, the staff took cover. The storm was right overhead.

“I came right here and I literally crouched down on the floor right here,” Hague said. “It was really a sense of helplessness, because I felt there was nowhere safe for me to go.”

The storm left its mark on the Oceanfront landmark. The roof was punctured and water poured inside The canopy outside the deck was blown away.

“We were making a joke when people come in, we ask them if they want to sit inside or out and they say outside and we take them on the deck,” Hague said. “Now when they say outside, we will say sun or shade?”

The rest of the day, crews worked inside to clean up the water. On the outside, there a constant flow of activity on the roof. Hague says things could have been a lot worse.

“I just feel very fortunate that no one was hurt and there wasn’t more damage,” Hague said.

Hague says the restaurant will be back open for business Saturday morning.