Norfolk City Jail staff using iPods to cut down on paperwork, streamline work

(Photo: Norfolk Sheriff's Office)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The staff at Norfolk City Jail is now using iPods to perform daily job duties.

The iPods are held in ruggedized cases. They run the iOS operating system and use specialized software that works directly with the jail’s inmate management software.

The process works like this: A staffer scans an inmate’s wristband and that particular inmate’s information is instantly loaded. It’s a quick way to track inmate movement and it logs dates and times without manual input. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and unnecessary paperwork.

Right now, the devices are being integrated to each jail team to log security rounds. Eventually, the jail teams will be able to track service deliveries — commissary deliveries, items given to inmates, forms and more — and do the required counts by scanning wristbands instead of physically counting heads.

As of Thursday, the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office has purchased 75 licenses for the software, meaning 75 deputies can use the handhelds at once. The plan is for more licenses and devices to be implemented in the coming months.