Morning storms damage block of Mediterranean Ave. in Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Clean up happened quickly on Mediterranean Avenue. You could barely tell that Friday morning a storm tore through, bringing heavy rain and high winds with it.

“It sounded like a train coming,” David Kauffman said from outside his business.

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Hours before, Kauffman looked out from his business to see what happened.

“I saw the stoplight, twisting pallets, flying around,” he described. “It was just crazy, so I ran back to the interior of the building.”

A high gust of wind tore the air conditioning units off the roof. Then, it lifted the rafters from the walls.

“I was looking out the window holding the door and I saw the bricks fly out,” Kaufman said. “They were just flying and I saw the power lines snap. Metal was flying. I couldn’t tell what it was.”

Across the street, the winds interrupted Ralph Disney’s construction job.

“I was working inside and all of a sudden, it got real dark and started raining” Disney said. “The wind blew the door open and smashed it against the window — broke both of them.”

The aftermath showed the wind tore down and tangled up power lines. It threw bricks around and broke down tree branches.

As soon as the rain let up, the cleanup started. City crews picked up debris and fixed the stoplight. Dominion Virginia Power linesmen restored power.

The National Weather Service determined it wasn’t a tornado that went down Mediterranean Avenue, just straight line winds that cause the damage.