Water recedes in Va. Beach areas impacted by tidal flooding

(Photo: Aristotle and Nicholas Cleanthes)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Parts of Virginia Beach were cleaning up Wednesday, after wind-driven water headed inland this week.

According to a 3:00 p.m. update from Virginia Beach Public Works, four roads had minor water, two were partially open and three remained flooded.

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Around this time of the year, Aristotle and Nicholas Cleanthes get ready for their restaurant’s busy season, but instead, they are waiting for water from tidal flooding to recede. The twin brothers own Blue Pete’s off Muddy Creek Road.

“We came up with a saying, ‘Living the dream doesn’t exclude the occasional nightmare,'” Aristotle Cleanthes said. “Friday night, when I was closing the restaurant, I told Nick, I said, ‘The water’s coming in and it’s blowing south.'”

Monday night, they came in to move items out of the way.

“For the time we are here, it raised two and a half inches to three inches, in just 45 minutes to an hour. It was unbelievable,” Cleanthes said.

The water came over the deck and remained in parts of the restaurant Wednesday. The restaurant has seen flooding ten times in six years, but this week’s was the worst, the brothers said.

They remain in good spirits and grateful for help from others.

“Our staff’s ready to help us, and our family and friends, and the neighbors are stopping by, trying to give us a hand, so we have a huge support of the community that are willing to help us and bounce back, but this is the worst we’ve ever seen it…Life throws you curves but those are only lessons that you need to overcome and how you handle those lessons is what shows your integrity,” Cleanthes said.

The brothers said it was too early to tell how much the damage would cost them.