Oceanfront businesses cleaning up after College Beach Weekend

Trash left behind at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront on April 30, 2017, during Beach Weekend. Credit: Marielena Balouris/WAVY

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — As police continue to investigate the weekend’s violent incidents, residents and businesses at the Oceanfront spent Sunday morning cleaning up.

The sidewalks of Atlantic Avenue were littered with bottles, cups, leftover food, and even clothing around 10 a.m. One restaurant’s outdoor seating area was a mess, with chairs and tables knocked over.

10 On Your Side spoke with Oceanfront employees as they were cleaning up the mess outside — some calling it disgusting.

“It kind of just immediately just had a different smell, like it smelled trashy.  And then coming up the sidewalk on the way to the store, I immediately could see everything just littered.  Like I literally just swept up chicken nuggets,” said Erica Lannon, who works at Flashback Old Time Photos.

Lannon said, “I just don’t understand how there’s literally trash cans 20 feet away from each other and you can’t just toss it there.” She also said Flashback Old Time Photos closed early Saturday night.

Police say four people were shot late Saturday night on 18th Street at the Oceanfront. The shooting sent three people to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

One person showed up at a local hospital Saturday with a stabbing wound. Police say this person claimed they were stabbed at the Oceanfront.

Police are continuing to investigate police incidents.