Man accused of killing daughter’s mother appears in court

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A man accused of killing the mother of his daughter told a trooper with Utah Highway Patrol that he “snapped,” according to testimony at a preliminary hearing Monday.

Cornelius Beggs is charged in the death of 34-year-old Lysa Story.

Man charged with murder in Virginia Beach woman’s death

The trooper was one of seven people who testified, including the victim’s best friend. Before her death, Story told the friend she and Beggs had argued over child support paperwork Story had given him, the friend said.

Story’s mother said she found her daughter on the floor of her bathroom on Finespun Last in July 2016 and called police. An autopsy determined Story died of blunt, sharp force to her head and neck. A neighbor also testified that the morning Story was found dead she heard loud thuds coming from the victim’s home.

A woman with the Virginia Beach police forensics unit said investigators found a knife next to the victim’s body and a wallet with the defendant’s ID in a pair of red-stained jeans in the house. That same morning, Beggs asked his parents if they could watch the baby because of an emergency, according to testimony from the defendant’s father.

The trooper with Utah Highway Patrol testified that he stopped Beggs for a license plate issue and learned Beggs was wanted for homicide. According to the trooper, when he started to arrest Beggs, the defendant began to cry and said he didn’t mean to do it. A Virginia Beach police detective told the judge that Beggs talked about his love for his daughter, told him he and the victim had gotten into arguments, and she gave her ring back.

“Our son is a beautiful human being. He loves family. He was so excited about everything in his life,” said Beggs’ mother, Joyce, outside court. She and her husband said their son is innocent.

The judge certified the charge against Beggs to a grand jury. His trial is set for June 26.