Possible peeping Tom case ends with gunfire in Newport News

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — A possible peeping Tom case ended in gun fire in Newport News. No one was hurt, but the outcome could have been a lot worse.

At 9:11 p.m. Thursday, police were called to Warwick Boulevard for a report of a man with a gun. When they got to the back parking lot of the Grand Rental Station, they found a man with his hands up in the air and his gun on the ground.

The man, who is 22-years-old, spoke to police and said a neighbor told him someone was looking into the window of his residence at Hidenwood North Apartments.

A neighbor, who does not want to be identified, but heard what was going on says, “There was a lot of commotion. I heard people yelling and people running and sounds of chasing. I went to the window and saw a lot of people outside… There was a report of a peeping Tom and shortly after that I heard three gun shots.”

The resident with the gun reportedly got into his car and drove around the neighborhood. He found a man matching the suspect description along a wood line in Penn Circle, which backs up to the apartment complex.

When WAVY’s Andy Fox went to the area, he found Natasha McGee, whose boyfriend had seen the suspect before.

“He is always back here. This is where we caught him a few times… My boyfriend saw him around the trees.”

Police said the man approached the suspect and confronted him about the incident. The man asked the suspect to go over to his apartment complex. The two of them sat on the curb, while the man had his neighbor verify to see if that was the same person who was looking in the window.

Master Police Officer Brandon Maynard said, “The male asked the neighbor ‘Hey is this the guy?’ and it was.”

Once the neighbor identified the suspect, he got up and ran off. The man chased the suspect toward Middlesex Road, near the apartments. The suspect ran behind the Grand Rental Station into the parking lot and jumped into his vehicle. The man stood in front of the car. The suspect hit the man with his vehicle and the man rolled up onto the hood before falling on the ground. Police say that’s when the man pulled a gun from his pants and fired multiple rounds at the suspect vehicle.

The suspect drove off, heading northbound on Warwick Boulevard. The vehicle was described by police as a dark-colored sedan.

Police say neighbors reported seeing the suspect before. They described him as a light-skinned black male, standing between 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet tall and weighing about 210 to 250 pounds. He was wearing a white tee-shirt and blue jeans.

According to police, another neighbored reported seeing a black male standing behind a building. When she confronted him, he said he needed to relieve himself. The suspect reportedly had his pants unzipped, but the neighbor did not see the suspect expose himself. However, she did say she saw the suspect’s rear.

In the Grand Rental Station video, the suspect peeping Tom can be seen running to his car after he was identified by the woman who lives in the apartments. The suspect is also seen on video being chased by one of the residents, who is also carrying a gun.

This resident who spoke to 10 On Your Side doesn’t think shots should be fired if the suspect was no longer posing a threat and was in a car driving away.

“There are lots of people out. There are bystanders, and people in homes, and naturally, people don’t want their homes shot into, or their cars shot into because a hot head has a gun.”

It’s not clear if the gunshots hit the suspect’s vehicle.

Maynard says the resident who reportedly fired the gun has not been charged. Will he be charged? “That is something our officers and our Commonwealth’s Attorney will have to look into it to make sure his actions were completely justified.”