New playground goes up in six hours for military kids

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Thursday was a great day for hundreds of military kids.

More than 220 volunteers fro KaBoom, CarMax and the Navy came out to Sewell’s Point Elementary, which sits right outside of Naval Station Norfolk, and created a playground the kids have been dreaming of.

Gallery: Playground built in six hours in Norfolk

Rock walls and swing sets are simple joys with profound impact for a child with a deployed parent.

“They worry about their parent and life has to go on back here and it’s our responsibility, working with the military and others, to make sure that here is great for them,” said Superintendent of Norfolk Public Schools Dr. Melinda Boone.

She was there, shovel in hand, alongside parents like Brenda Michael, whose idea to paint a giant colorful map of the United States. It’s sure to be a hit with children who move quite a bit. Her fifth grade daughter has been enrolled in five schools.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if next week or the week after, we have the art teacher out here with little drawings and putting people’s names across the states just to show where our kids come from and where they move to around the world.”

The transformation from a rusty old 1965 playground to a brand new shiny one in just six hours is a testament.

“It shows how much the community cares for the children,” Dr. Boone told

Matt Aman from CarMax said it also helps the grownups.

“I know if you’re deployed overseas and you know your family is happy, you can concentrate on the mission and that’s a big deal.”

Carmax and KaBoom are building 10 playgrounds this week to benefit veteran and military families.