Police: Woman assaulted in alleged Newport News home invasion

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Police say a woman was assaulted during an alleged home invasion incident Tuesday morning in Newport News.

The incident reportedly happened at home on Parish Avenue just after after 7:30 a.m.

A 21-year-old woman told officers a man rang the doorbell to her home, asking where her mother was. He left after she told him her mother was not home.

The woman’s father, Neil Harding, said he didn’t think anything of the first visit.

Police say this same person rang the doorbell again a short time later, and asked her for directions. At some point, this man grabbed her and implied he had a weapon.

“Apparently, he had tried to demand the keys to the car and she wouldn’t let him have them,” Harding said. “She wouldn’t let him have them and he started to beat her.”

Police say the weapon was never seen. The man entered her home and demanded car keys.

The woman reportedly tried to hit him, but police say he assaulted her in the face. The incident reportedly left the woman’s face swollen.

“She’s a bit upset. Her cheek is bruised and she has a broken tooth,” Harding said.

The suspect stole a tablet before he ran away, heading north on Parish Avenue, according to police.

Harding said the man wore a dark jacket with a gold emblem and had on dark pants. He has a message for the man: “I’m a very religious person, so I believe that nobody gets away with anything. So he’s go to this chance to make it right with God.”