ERC issuing over 800 refunds to victims of excessive toll fines

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Elizabeth River Crossings will issue 842 refund checks to customers who were victims of excessive toll fines, the company’s CEO said Wednesday.

Philip Shucet, who was recently named the new CEO of ERC, says those checks will be issued before the end of April.

The sixty-one customers who had their checks sent out Wednesday are part of the toll relief program and had toll violations over $1,100. They’re still on the hook for the $1,100. For example, if they’re total bill is $2,000, they’ll get a $900 refund.

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For nearly 800 other customers who are not part of the toll relief program, they have a cap of $2,200. Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that plan in late March. So if their total is $3,000, they’ll get an $800 refund.

Shucet also says the penalties for late payment of the Downtown and Midtown tunnels will change. The CEO did not specify how the fee structure will change.

“I think the fee structure is why we’re here today in this situation. What upset the [secretary of transportation]? The accumulation of fees. What upset the governor? The accumulation of fees,” Shucet said. “I understand that there needs to be fees, but it needs to be a structure that encourages people to pay their tolls.”

The company’s next step is to deal with those who have not paid their toll violations.

ERC hasn’t sent out toll invoices since March 31. The company began sending pay-by-plate and toll violation bills to customers again starting Wednesday and will work in the coming weeks to make settlements with everyone who has violations over $1,100.