California resident spray paints road to draw attention to potholes

PLACERVILLE, Calif. (WCMH) — An angry resident turned to graffiti to try to get the city to fix potholes in his neighborhood.

Repair crews showed up after someone who lives there began spray painting phallic symbols on the pothole filled street.

“The potholes has been here for a long time, but the penis, that was just put there last night,” neighbor Virginia Gabac told KTXL-TV.

Residents say they know who is responsible, but they won’t give up his name. They say he did it out of frustration.

“He got a ticket because his front license plate fell off going through here, so they gave him a ticket for not having a front license plate,” Resident Geof Peabody said.

But the trick didn’t work. Repair crews removed the graffiti and filled some minor cracks on the street, but they left the potholes in place.

Residents don’t believe they’ll ever get fixed because they live in a low-income area.

“Penalizing me for being poor, now I got to fix my car driving on this road, and I don’t have enough money to do all that,” Peabody told KTXL-TV.

The city refused to comment on the pothole problem.