Behind the scenes: Waterside District on target for May 4 opening

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – The countdown is on: Less than one month until the Waterside District in Norfolk opens. It’s a project that’s been in the works for years, and Waterside District President Glenn Sutch says they are ready for their May 4 opening.

Sutch also says the company is already employing hundreds of people in the building’s construction. By the time it opens, he says they will employ 1,000 people, both working in the building and being hired through external contracts.

“We got lots of stuff for you and it’s all back on the waterfront,” said Sutch. “This city, the Elizabeth River, what a beautiful, beautiful area.”

Gallery: Waterside District set to open in May

At the district’s entrance, you’re greeted by The Market, an area that Sutch says will be the center of the Waterside District experience. He said, “So many dining and entertainment options for you and it starts in The Market area. 30,000 square feet, so many eateries, different places to eat.”

Besides The Market, there are a number of traditional restaurants that are connected to it. There’s also a second-floor open space which can be rented out for private events. On top of that will be the building’s logo, made up of LED lights spelling “Waterside.”

“They got a retro feel to them,” Sutch said. “Each of them weigh about 1,000 pounds. The ‘W’ is closer to 2,000 pounds. It’s incredible, it’s actually in two pieces.”

Starting Thursday, those letters will be placed one-by-one on top of the building. Each letter will take one day to install.

Sutch says they’re excited to be a bright part of Norfolk’s skyline. But they’re hoping to bring something more than just good looks to the city.

“There are so many things now happening and the revitalization of Norfolk. It’s happening. We’re glad, really, really excited to be a part of it,” said Sutch. “We’re really, really excited to be able to provide all that growth.”

The Waterside District will opening on May 4. But the grand opening celebration, with musical performances and a number of events, starts on May 11. For more information, visit hrScene.