Video: Texas officers run down as they wrestle for control of SUV

LUBBOCK, Texas (KXAN) — Shocking police dash and body cam video shows Lubbock police officers wrestling for control of an SUV with a suspect trying to get away on Thursday.

Carlos Martinez, 32, who was caught Friday after a massive 24-hour manhunt, got upset after he was being evicted and tried to leave the scene, according to WAVY sister station KLBK.

The body cam video shows one officer trying to stop the driver from getting away as another shocks Martinez with a stun gun. During the scuffle, officers were hit by the SUV as Martinez was able to hit the gas pedal and reverse into a police vehicle.

Three officers — Saul Garay, Mark Ellison, and Donovan Powell — were sent to the hospital and released Thursday evening.

Another camera angle shows officers firing shots at Martinez as he tried to get away. One officer was able to pull a child holding a guitar out of the SUV before shots were fired.

Around 4:30 p.m. Friday, a neighbor called police saying she saw Martinez in an alley. Officers were able to arrest him without incident.