Only On 10: Toll refunds coming for some ERC customers

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side has learned when massive refunds will be sent to some Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC) customers.

As WAVY has been reporting, a new state law caps toll debt at $2,200 for first time offenders.

That means if you paid more than $2,200 to settle your ERC toll bill (or $1,100 if you are participating in the toll relief program), you will get a refund check. The checks have not gone out yet, but will be sent out before April 30.

This is phase one of new ERC CEO Philip Shucet‘s efforts to right the ship and improve customer service.

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10 On Your Side sat down with Shucet on Tuesday, and he also laid out phase two, which deals with settlements with ERC customers.

For the first time, a settlement phone number has been released for those wanting to settle their account. The number is 757-837-0651. WAVY’s Andy Fox tried calling the number and got a hold of someone in less than one minute.

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Shucet also says until at least April 30, no one else will have holds put on their DMV accounts to renew registrations.

“We want you to come to settlement through our offer, or you pick the phone up and call us, and say ‘Hey I have an outstanding account and I would like to settle it.’ We will work with you to settle it. We will work with you on the amount, and we will work with you on the payment plan,” Shucet told 10 On Your Side.

To show you what a daunting task this is, for the first time publicly, WAVY News obtained the numbers from the first quarter of 2017.

ERC sent out approximately 326,000 invoices. Shucet says he has a total of 230,000 accounts with outstanding balances due. Of the 230,000, about 34,000 owe more than $1,100, and 18,000 of those owe more than $2,200.

“This is not a small task we’ve embarked on,” Shucet added. “It is a major effort, and the point of it is to settle up, move forward, and come to a better place where we do everything we possibly can to help our customers pay the lowest toll and keep accounts current.”