Study looking at causes of repeated flooding in Windsor

WINDSOR, NC (WITN) The recovery is still underway in many communities across eastern Carolina with the six-month anniversary of Hurricane Matthew this weekend.

The town of Windsor in Bertie County is not only recovering from Matthew, but also flooding from Tropical Storm Julia a month before.

Those major flooding instances follow the devastation from Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

It’s enough for Windsor Mayor Jim Hoggard to turn to volunteer researchers who’ve stepped in from ECU and NC State.

Hoggard says, “We’ve had geologists and hydrologists here and they are working, and they’ve given us a preliminary study but we’re trying to find out the cause, why we are being flooded repeatedly, more so than other places?”

The hope is to find and implement a solution as soon as possible, so that people no longer have to live in fear of flooding.

Donna Pendleton lost everything when the pod she stored her salvageable belongs from Julia flooding, flooded in Matthew.

She says she lost 99-percent of her personal belongings. But today, she’s grateful she was able to stay with family nearby and keep her job at Edward Jones — working at another branch temporarily.

Pendleton says, “Just realizing how quick things can change puts a different perspective on everything, more appreciative of things you should be appreciative of and not sweating the small stuff.”

Mayor Hoggard hopes to soon have a formal study done to determine exactly what has changed and is causing repeated flooding.