Chesapeake residents begin cleanup after second tornado in less than a week

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Residents in Chesapeake spent a consecutive Friday cleaning up damages left by tornadoes.

The National Weather Service confirmed an EF-0 touched down in the Hickory area of Chesapeake Thursday. Last Friday, an EF-2 tornado touched down on Centreville Turnpike, destroying a church.

“It’s kind of crazy but gotta love Virginia weather. One day it’s 80 degrees, the next day tornadoes, spring snow,” said resident Jennifer Ettor.

Ettor lives off Beaver Dam Road, which was hit by the tornado. She says she was at her son’s elementary school in Hickory when the storm hit. Her home wasn’t damaged.

“A little too close to home for us. Luckily, everyone’s okay,” she said.

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City employees were out cleaning up debris on Beaver Dam Road, where the tornado downed trees. One fell into a home.

“I know we didn’t get any damage, but the neighbors over there, I don’t know how they did it,” Ettor said.

Volunteers at Hickory Ridge Farms spent the day cleaning up debris and checking on strawberries.

“The strawberries, they got a little beat up but we have fruit blooms for our next round of fruit and the main focus today is to get the irrigation system in place and put back together because we might have a frost,” said owner Robin Pierce.

Pierce says the farm is expected to open next week and despite the setback, all reservations are still a go.

The City of Chesapeake says one business and five to 10 residences were damaged in Thursday’s storm.

Last week, five businesses and 11 residences were damaged, costing $3.8 million.

While the estimates for the damage costs are still coming in, those affected say they’re grateful the storm didn’t cost lives.

“I’m still like, oh, too close. I’m glad everyone’s okay. To all the Dominion Power people and city workers, thank you. We definitely appreciate it,” said Ettor.