Lake Taylor H.S. to be treated after bed bug sightings

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – 10 On Your Side has learned Lake Taylor High School in Norfolk will be treated by a pest control specialist.

A letter went out to parents Wednesday instructing students to clean out their lockers. Four bed bugs have been spotted at the school over the past two weeks.

A school spokeswoman says they hope the professional treatment, and the fact that next week is spring break, will put an end to the problem, but also says four bugs should not be considered an infestation.

The letter sent home Wednesday states:

Dear Parent or Guardian:

As principal of Lake Taylor High School, I want to keep our parents informed of situations that arise at our school. Over the last two weeks, several bed bug sightings have occurred at the school. For each incident, an inspection was conducted and the areas affected were treated. Because there have been several bed bugs found during this time period, we will be taking extra precautions as we prepare to engage additional intervention strategies including treating the building. Students are being asked to clean out lockers and staff are being directed to clear cluttered areas in order to prepare the building for treatment.

It is important to remember that the source of bed bugs often cannot be determined, as they may be found in many places, including hotels, airplanes, buses, hospitals, department stores and movie theaters. Finding a bed bug, does not mean that our school building is infested. Bed bugs are often unknowingly brought into the school by building occupants, and as a result we may have future sightings. However, we will continue to work diligently to rid the school of these pests and immediately treat impacted areas.

Norfolk Public Schools will continue to monitor the classroom/school for bed bugs, provide inspections of the school, and have a licensed pest control specialist assist with pest management. Bed bugs are a nuisance, but their bites are not known to spread disease. If you have experienced them in your home, we strongly recommend seeking professional assistance from a qualified pest control company.

We are providing additional information about bed bugs for you to review; for more information on getting rid of and preventing bed bugs visit and

If you have medical concerns for you or your child, please contact your healthcare provider or school nurse for questions regarding proper care and treatment of bed bug bites. Do not hesitate to contact the school at (757) 892-3200 with any additional questions.

Latesha N. Wade-Jenkins, Ed.S.
Lake Taylor High School