Norfolk City Council hears proposed plans for Selden Arcade improvements

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk City Council saw proposed plans Tuesday for improvements to the Selden Arcade.

The 84-year-old arcade exploded in April 2015. The Fire Marshal determined an electrical failure triggered by a contractor working on power lines nearby led to the explosion.

Photos: Wall collapses at Selden Arcade

In the aftermath of the explosion, the City of Norfolk said it had planned to rebuild the old arcade. Then, more damage was discovered in December 2015.

Now, two years later, the city and Downtown Norfolk Council are working together to develop a use for the space that connects Plume and Main Streets. The idea on the table calls for small shops and eateries that would be connected to the Slover Library and The Main hotel. You can check out the drafted plans in this presentation.

“This is what our city is about. This is the new energy of Norfolk, this is where people are creating the businesses of tomorrow,” said Drew Ungvarsky of the Downtown Norfolk Council. “It will be — I think — the most exciting businesses and products and a one-of-a-kind experience that you are not going to get anywhere else in this region.”

A majority of council supported the plans, but some raised concern about the project only targeting tourists. The city hopes to fill the space in the next two to three years.