Bertie County residents devastated by Friday night storm

TRAP, N.C (WNCT) – It was a nice day out on Saturday, but Friday night was a different story.

There was a lot of damage left by a storm in Bertie County.

Emergency services say the strong winds knocked down trees, power lines, damaged a peanut trailer.

In addition, officials say the storm destroyed two homes and left major damages on one other.

There have been no reports of injuries.

Friday storms leaves behind damage and power outages in Bertie Co.

Saturday people continued to try and pick up after severe weather.

Emergency crews also spend the day assessing more damage throughout the county.

Nelly Taylor spent the morning at her family’s home trying to wrap her head around the damage last night’s storm left behind. “I just all I can say is Lord I thank you.”

She reflected, prayed and was grateful no one was hurt.

“It’s just a blessing to be able to say I thank you, father I thank you as well as it is,” said Taylor.

Just next door Otis White and his family escaped major destruction. As he replaced his roof Saturday he knows the outcome could have been worse.

“Instantly within five minutes or under we hear it taking the roof off the house, the rain coming in, water everywhere. We all just on the floor praying hoping, and I’m thinking they are going to take the whole trailer.”

With his three kids by his side he feared he had more to lose than a home.

“Scared, then I cried. I never cry, but it bothered me cause I didn’t know if we were about to be gone or what so it really bothered me,” White explained.

But they were spared.

“From about a minute or two, after all the praying we seen light,” said White

Bertie county emergency management director Mitchell Cooper said this isn’t the first time they have seen destruction in this area.

“2011 Bertie County was devastated with a decent sized tornado and tragically killed 11 people, so yesterday brought back a lot harsh memories for that community,” explained Cooper.

Taylor said she knows only one way the community will come out stronger.

“Together we stand and divided we shall fall…so we will stand together,” said Taylor.