Prosecutors not sure who pulled the trigger in Kirshem Sanders’ death

Kirshem Sanders (Family photo via Portsmouth police)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach police continue investigate a January murder.

Three people have been charged in connection to the crime, but at this point, no one is charged with murder.

“I have a hole in my heart,” said the victim’s mother Vera Sanders.

That hole was opened up the day Sanders’ son Kirshem was shot and killed in Virginia Beach. His body was then dumped in an alley near Maryland Avenue in Portsmouth.

“The nightmare is no where over yet,” Sanders said.

Man dies after being found shot in Portsmouth alleyway

Originally, Jordan Copeland was charged with Sanders’ murder, but then the charges were thrown out. Prosecutors say they didn’t have enough evidence to prove he was the shooter.

“I’m disappointed there hasn’t been the face of a murder,” Sanders said.

Copeland, along with Rashadee Jones and Makera Washington, were all charged with accessory to murder. Court records say they were then when the Sanders was shot and killed inside a town house on Hill Meadow Drive. They allegedly helped move the body and clean up the blood.

Washington’s attorney says she had nothing to do with the murder.

“That is a very tragic matter,” said attorney Barry Taylor. “It happened in her home and was unbeknownst to her what was about to happen. It erupted into an argument and the next thing she knows is her friend is shot and killed in her kitchen floor.”

Prosecutors say they aren’t able to comment on what happened in the house, but continue to work with police to figure out who pulled the trigger.

“It is just tragic that these kids don’t think about what happens when they take a life,” Sanders said.

Jones’ attorney, Jamison Rasberry, says he admits to helping clean up after Sanders was killed. He plans to plead guilty to the charge May 24.

Copeland plans to do the same thing.

Washington is scheduled for trial in May.

“I don’t want to say too much, but I’m just praying the truth comes out,” Sanders said.

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