Teens charged in Virginia Beach shootings to be tried as adults

Angelo Worlds | Nicholas Cates (WAVY Photos)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Two teenagers accused of being part of a deadly shooting spree last year will now be tried as adults.

18-year-old Nicholas Cates was facing two murder charges from two separate shootings. One happened December 2, 2016 on Hawk Avenue.

A detective testified that 17-year-old Angelo Worlds met Cates, who was working at Taco Bell at the time. He said Cates was driving the car when they spotted 34-year-old Zacarias Ayala getting into a car.

Police say Worlds jumped out of the car he was in, ran up to Ayala’s car and fired through the passenger window. Ayala died from his injures.

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The judge dismissed the murder charge against Cates, because he said the prosecution didn’t prove Cates knew the shooting was going to happen.

Prosecutors argued that they were in Cates’ car, Cates was driving and that weapon used belonged to Cates.

Macie Allen, spokeswoman for the Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, says Cates would be charged again through a direct indictment.

Cates waived his hearing for the other murder charge for a December 4, 2016 shooting on Campion Court. His case will now head to trial in circuit court.

Worlds is accused of killing Ayala. The detective testified that he admitted to killing Ayala, because he was high on prescription pills.

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Worlds reportedly told the detective, “The second worst thing you can do besides killing yourself was to kill an innocent person.”

The suspected murder weapon was found hidden in Worlds’ attic.

Worlds is also accused of randomly shooting several other people on December 7, 2016. Detectives say he knocked on a stranger’s door on Old Club House Road and when the door opened, he fired. He told police he unloaded his whole clip.

Police say he then ran to near by Dunnbury Court. He thought saw a woman close the front door and thought she got a good look at him.

“He came up knocked once and shot through the door, because I didn’t open it,” the woman testified.

She was hit in the head and shoulder. Her husband was shot in the leg.

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Worlds told police he admits to all of it.

Cates and Worlds were being held in juvenile detention. They will now be transferred to the city jail.

“You are potentially going to be there for a while, so you should start getting used to it now,” the judge told Cates.

Cates is scheduled for trial May 30 and Worlds June 5.